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Welcome to New Cinematics Inc.

We are a media development company specializing in video for the web, television, and theatre. From conception to distribution, we bring a wide range of knowledge and talent to developing quality programs for our audiences.

Wendy's Whimsical World.
Scott Jarvie's award winning "Wendy's Whimsical World" film ( )

When a highly intelligent ten year old girl begins to lose her self image, her best friend must save her before she suffers irreparable damage.

Short Film ECHO's postcard.
The production team behind the short film 'Echo' ( )

AI Analyst Peter partnered with his AI Software, Laura, are tasked with reviewing incident reports involving their company's software.

Everything is normal until they stumble across a hidden file that attracts the attention of head office. Unsure of the consequences for discovering this file they must rely on each other to survive.

The Creative Artist Online Database
The development team behind The Creative Artist Online Database ( )

The CAODb is the place for artists to post their talents online so that local talent seekers and collaborators can find them. By allowing artists to advertise themselves in one place we allow local producers, production managers, casting agents, and talent scouts to quickly and easily search for the artists they need.

The creative team behind the web series The Handy Woman DIY ( )

The Handy Woman DIY is a show that sees to teach any DIYer that you can accomplish many home renovations and fixes, while having fun doing it!